Friday, February 7, 2014

Forgetful Friday (#tbt Capeside Adventures, part II)

Once again, here is a belated #tbt, which I am dubbing as a #ff ("forgetful Friday").
Yep, a whole lot of hashtags going on right now, #sorrynotsorry #JimmyFallon. ;)

"Capeside" adventures, parte dos. 

  • We began our adventure on Dawson Street &, sadly, no Chad would not let me "borrow" the sign - damn his good moral code! :) 
  • Next we hit-up downtown Wilmington to visit Hell's Kitchen, a super-delicious pub where Katie Holmes' charter, Joey Potter, worked as a waitress during season 6. (btw, I recommend the crab-cake sandwich if you ever get the chance to visit).
  •  The bend in Airlie Road was used a few times during the show's run but it's 1 of my favorite spots because it's the place where Pacey kisses Joey for the first time (hence the reenacted smooch with my boo) & I am completely team Poey. 
  •  "Capeside High School" is actually UNC of Wilmington (which, fyi, has the most beautiful campus). 
  • Pacey's anchor from the opening credits is actually in Southport, NC which is about 35ish minutes from Wilmington. 
  • Jack & Andie McPhee's house is just as beautiful as you would imagine.
  • Finally, but definitely of no lesser importance, is the wall that Pacey "rented" for Joey in Season 3. Any Creeker knows exactly what I mean when I say "Ask me to stay". Sadly, there is now a fully-finished, up-&-running pub in front of this part of DC history. 

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