Friday, February 21, 2014

29, 1 Last Time

     I seriously can't believe how quickly 2014 is flying by.  Valentine's Day has come & gone & tomorrow I, officially, turn the BIG "3-0"! I'm actually really excited & so ready to leave my 20's behind. It's been a hectic decade but I'm here; I'm healthy, I'm happy, & I'm loved - I really couldn't ask for much more. I don't want to say anything to jinx this unusual (& very-much appreciated) wave of calm & normalcy that has been kindly lurking around my family BUT...things have been going really well for all of us. 

Chad & I just shared our 11th Valentine's Day together which still seems surreal to me. In 1 sense, it really does feel like yesterday he was the "gorgeous lost-control guy" at work with the most beautiful blue-eyes that made my ability to say a simple "hi" without stuttering impossible. Then, in another sense - it feels like we've been connected our entire lives. Yes, things have most-definitely not been the easiest for us; we've been tested (& tested & then, tested again) but somehow, we've managed to find our way back to the core of who we are: 2 people who fell-in-love & decided to take on the world together & what a journey it has been thus far. Where will it go next? Who's to say...but I do know who's hand I will be holding throughout it all.
A little collection of our Valentine's throughout the years.
I was able to spend some much-needed girl-time with my bff''s, Ashley & Natalie (who also happened to be my & Chad's matchmakers 10-years-ago) & it reminded me just how lucky I am to have them in my life. We've seen each other go through so many different stages of life & no matter what the circumstances might have been - good or bad, we were & continue to be there for each other. We've watched each other fall-in-love & get married. I watched them become moms & they watched me beat cancer. These girls are what true friendship is all about - unconditional love, support, & making each other laugh so hard it makes your stomach hurt. <3

Natalie, me, Ashley, & the little ones.

BFF birthday cake. YUM!
In other news, I've started outlining & writing my 1st fiction-based novel entitled "Pieces of Me" (absolutely no relation to my prior posts with the same title) & when I've finished with 4 or 5 chapters, I plan to send-out some "feelers" to publishers to see what happens. I'm also SUPER excited to share something else with you but I want to wait until it's "official" so hopefully I will be telling you about that very soon in a future post.

Since I don't really have any juicy news for an exciting update, I thought it would be fun to share a hodgepodge of things that have recently made their way into my heart. Things that I love, things that make me smile, & things that I just think are pretty rad & thought you might enjoy. I hope you likey. Feel free to tell me about your latest love-affairs!
- tunes -
"Lovers" by Beech 
Beech is, without-a-doubt, my favorite newly-discovered band & there is no better introduction to their level of epic-ness than this song. 
"cause I was just a half until I found you..."<3

"Dream" by Priscilla Ahn
I'm such a sucker for a solo acoustic-guitar driven song & raw, honest lyrics, so when those 2 are put together, I'm all in. "Dream" is such a light, beautiful song supported by spot-on vocals...and the cherry on top? Priscilla brings in the harmonica at the perfect time to put that little extra ache in your heart. 

"Stay" (cover) by 30 Seconds To Mars
I looooove me a good cover & I probably would have missed this one had my hubby not been a fan of 3STM for years. Jared Leto SANGS (yes sAngs) his cancer-free-ass off on this Rihanna-cover. I know "on paper" it doesn't seem like a good fit but 1 listen & I guarantee you this version will be the only version of "stay" getting action on your playlist. 

- this & that -
Black & Gold
I don't know what it is but I have been having quite the love affair with all that is black & gold lately. I love the contrast between the 2 colors especially with jewelry & this Charlotte Russe chain-strapped purse that I got on SALE for $10!

I was hesitant when midi-rings (knucklerings) first started becoming "trendy" a while ago. Then, one day, I was breaking-down old jewelry for parts (other people do that, right?) & came across a pair of earrings that were 3 stacked rings that got smaller with each level. I initially thought I would just use the largest ring for my index-finger but decided to experiment with the smaller rings too & love for midi-rings was born!  And yes, I'm also on a black nail-polish binder; after the past 3ish months of stress they took alot of abuse so I'm back to the "growing-out" stage.

I'm so in-love with this Maybelline Color Whispers in "Oh-la-lilac". It's so smooth, hydrating, and pigmented! The color is stunning & it's build-able so it's perfect to wear alone or to put on top of another lipstick. 


The Lauren Conrad Beauty Book was published in 2012 & is a collection of tips & tricks "LC" has learned mostly from her time in reality tv on MTV's Laguna Beach & The Hill's.  It covers topics from proper skin care & hair care, recipes for DIY treatments, make-up tips, common mistakes, in-depth demonstrations, Q&A's, & everything-in-between. I'm only about a quarter of the way through but it really is pretty informative & is a fun read for anyone who's in beauty, make-up, skincare, & all that jazz.

A really fun book Chad recently got me is the "Wreck This Journal". It's insane! It's designed to well...wreck. It's purely for fun & to take you out of your norm by doing different task on different pages. My niece, Brea, & I had some fun on 1 of her many snow-days. We completed the "crack the spine" page (she was pretty excited to walk & jump all-over-it), & the "smush page" with all of our different lipstick colors that we applied & kissed. Other tasks include decorating a page with coffee spills, pressing leaves & flowers you collect from outside, writing one word (of your choice) over & over to cover an entire page, to collect & put all fruit stickers on 1 page, to add your own page numbers in any order on every page, & so on. It's unlike anything I've ever seen (or done) & as ridiculous as it sounds it's pretty damn entertaining. 

What new loves have you discovered lately?
Talk to you soon.

- LISA -