We all have things we want to accomplish before our time on this Earth is up; here is what I like to call my "Life-List" {others like to call it their "Bucket List"}. Some are most likely extremely far from fruition but I've always been a dreamer & because I am a dreamer, I'll continuously be adding new goals. What's on your life-list?

  • Plant (& maintain) a garden
  • Complete a ropes course
  • Start a YouTube Channel ✔ 
  • Take a Ballroom Dancing class
  • NKOTB concert (...or cruise...)
  • Visit Niagara Falls
  • White-Water Rafting ✔ 
  • Dip my toes into the Pacific Ocean
  • Take my nieces to a TS concert 
  • Zipline.
  • See Ben Folds perform live.✔ 
  • Name a star after my late-brothers. ✔ 
  • Learn Origami. 
  • Take at least 1 more ballet class.  
  • Take flowers to the Shanksville, PA 9/11 memorial site.
  • Write my memoir.
  • Visit Dawson Leery's house from "Dawson's Creek". ✔ 
  • Go white-water rafting. ✔
  • Take a makeup-class. ✔ 
  • Make my own pottery.
  • See the "Kurt Cobain Memorial Park" in Aberdeen, WA
  • Share my story at a cancer benefit. 
  • Cross-country road trip.
  • Take our dogs to the beach. 
  • See Alexz Johnson LIVE in concert. ✔
  • Collect all Beatles, Frank Sinatra, & Nirvana vinyls.
  • Beat cancer. ✔✔ 
  • Walk through Central Park.
  • Go para-sailing.
  • Dave Matthews Band concert. ✔ 
  • Teach myself to play the acoustic guitar.
  • Go on a book tour.
  • Have a photoshoot in the rain.
  • Learn to meditate.
  • See the "FRIENDS" building in NYC
  • Take my parents on vacation.

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