Friday, July 5, 2013

"Just Keep Swimming"

Update 07/16/13: "Angel's For Talia" Facebook Page:

"It is with a heavy heart that we share with all of you that Talia has earned her wings at 11:22am. Please lift her beautiful soul, her beautiful light to heaven and please send your love and prayers to her family during this most difficult time. God speed little one, may you be free from pain and suffering, may your soul feel the light and love that you brought to so many of us on this Earth during the short time you were her with us. We will miss you more than you will ever know baby girl."

(source: Angel's For Talia)

Talia - I am forever changed because of you; thank you for showing me how to be a true WARRIOR, not only with cancer but also with life. We will never stop swimming for a CURE. May you now dance with the angels. Rest easy  <3


My original post:
     You never know where you will find a hero; for me it happened on an "ordinary" post-infusion chemo afternoon. I was lying in bed, still hooked-up to my 5FU, watching The Ellen DeGeneres Show hoping to catch a laugh or two to get me through the day. 13-year-old aspiring make-up artist, Youtube beauty-guru, & cancer WARRIOR Talia Castellano, danced her way to center stage. She was fighting not 1 but 2 incredibly serious types of cancer & had been since she was 6-years-old, but that didn't stop her smile from sparkeling from pierced-ear-to-pierced-ear. When asked how she stays so strong & positive, her eyes lit up as responded that a little fishy told her to "just keep swimming, just keep swimming", which refers to Ellen's voiced character Dory in "Finding Nemo". I immediately went to her YT channel & instantly fell in love with this girl who's motto is "Make-up is my wig!". Watching her videos & following her on social media soon became a part of my schedule &, at times, a lifeline. She showed me how to be a cancer warrior; she reminded me to dance when I hear the birds sing, to smile when I see the sun, & live every minute of every day regardless what is happening around me. It literally makes my heart hurt to say her cancer spread & her prognosis became terminal...but she still smiled & danced & lived. She is, without-a-doubt, the most talented, bravest, strongest, beautiful warrior who has graced this Earth & now she needs us. Months ago Talia was admitted to her local children's hospital & recently things are only getting worse, especially over the last week. Talia's family is asking for prayers - prayers to free Talia from constant pain & nausea & for rest for her tired body, in whichever way that means. 

From Talia's Official Facebook page: "‎#prayfortalia ‎#taliajoy18 - Please join the Twitter and Instagram prayer group for Talia. Use these hashtags on all of your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Google+ posts and send a prayer to Talia. Let's blow up the internet with prayers for this amazing girl!!!"

(source: "Angels for Talia")

(source: @taliajoy18 - Talia's Twitter)

(Talia was officially made an honorary Covergirl)