Thursday, July 17, 2014

Happy 1 Year in Heaven Talia Joy!

1 year ago - on July 16 2013 - Heaven gained a beautifully brave & wise-beyond-her-years angel. Talia Joy Castellano, known on the web as "taliajoy18", fought cancer for 6 of her 13 years; within those 6 years she would not only bring mainstream awareness to childhood cancer but she would also meet, touch, & impact the lives of millions around the world...including mine. I found Talia during my own battle & although it was from afar, she taught me how to be a warrior - in life & in fight (not to mention that she taught me to always, always fill in my brows!). She reminded us all to #justkeepswimming, especially during those times when it seemed like we have nothing left. She taught use to embrace ourselves, our flaws, our situations, & our dreams. She taught us to smile & to dance; to laugh & to truly live every day that we are blessed to be on this Earth. 
We miss you T. 
Fly high & rest easy.

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