Thursday, October 31, 2013

My Point of VIEW

     My heart is hurt so much right now. Today on The View, Mario Cantone made a disgusting comment about his pants being so baggy it looked like he had a colostomy bag. The View girls helped me through my battle after I was diagnosed with Stage III Rectal Cancer on April 28, 2010 when I was 26. I tuned in everyday, whether I was home, in the hospital, or in treatment. 3 years later, 3 different chemo regimens, 28 pelvic radiation hits, 2 major surgeries: 2010 - complete 7cm tumor resection, complete rectal resection, & *permanent* colostomy. 2011-tumor resection, coccyx removal, complete hysterectomy, complete vaginectomy, & external pelvic reconstruction I'm alive & thriving because of my colostomy. Mario Cantone's joke was tasteless, offensive, & personal. I, along with so many other brave warriors, fight the stigmas of Colorectal Cancer & colostomys on an everyday basis.

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